7 Jewellery Pieces for a Boho Soul


If you believe in the ideology of ‘less is more’ then the floral freshness collection is definitely for you. The flowers are one of the main aesthetics of a boho soul. Gone are the days when you had to overdress just to look like a million dollars. This is the era of floral and gold jewellery combined together. 

What better could it be if the floral designs are combined with gold and diamonds? Seems like a perfect combination right? The intricate and beautiful flower jewellery is in for all the boho souls this year.  Pair it up with your everyday outfit or if you plan to have a not so over the top kind of boho wedding then here are some picks for a simple boho girls out there.

Floral ring wing

Floral Ring

This is an absolute must-have for a boho soul. The golden ring and the cluster of diamonds which form the flower is a beautiful combination and a perfect go-to option if you want to treat yourself to a nice and elegant piece of jewellery.

Floral bracelet

Floral BraceletThis two-toned gold bracelet is a perfect option if you need the best of both worlds. The rose gold adds a touch of uniqueness and white gold is a dash of quirkiness to it. Pair it up with a nice ethnic outfit or just on a nice casual Sunday brunch dress.

Flower earrings

Floral EarringsThis pair is an absolute pick for a person who wants to own their pair. The studded diamond in the center adds the grace to the one toned yellow gold. These are an absolutely amazing pick for everyday workwear.

Floral necklace

Floral Necklace


This flower necklace looks incredibly beautiful and chic. The minimal flowers and the diamond combination look unique and classy when worn right. Pair it with a saree or an ethnic outfit to add beauty to your overall look.

Floral diamond ring

Floral RingThis floral ring is one of a kind for a perfect boho soul. The groove shank design makes the ring gorgeous and irresistible. The small diamonds in a cluster give the effect of a big flower like diamond appearance.

Bijou Earrings

Bijou Earrings

These flower earrings are simply adorable and pretty. They are perfect for an everyday affair and can be paired with any outfit of your choice. Pairing this for a casual evening dinner with your significant other would work wonders too!

Pretty floral pendant

Floral PendantThis itsy bitsy pendant is extremely elegant and looks incredibly beautiful when donned by a girl. The diamonds studded in the outer lining of the flower and the rose gold combination looks beautiful when paired with an LBD or even for an everyday affair!


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